Name: DS Domination (DSD)
Price: $9.95/month (Affiliate Fee), $19.95/month (Pro), $99.95/month (Elite)
Upgrades: $199.95 Market Extreme, $249.95 Unleashed, $499.95 Monopoly
Owners: Roger Langille, Kevin Hokoana, Hitesh Juneja
Overall Rank: 25 out of 100

DS Domination offers articles and instructional videos to interested individuals who want to operate on e-commerce business. It features various training tools and platform that help individuals in managing, searching, and marketing products to start up with e-commerce business. DS Domination is an ideal platform for all those who want to make some extra money in addition to their full time jobs and learn affiliate marketing. It does not entertain kids or teens.

Introduction of DS Domination

DS Domination is an online program that is broken into various modules and help the individuals with methods to earn some good money. Each module will provide you training and information to help you excel in money making tricks. You will be required to start with the cheaper products first and then move to expensive ones once you have gained the necessary skillset. DS Domination teaches you how to use drop shipping and get benefits out of it. It was created by Roger Langille.

Drop Shipping is a method in which a trader will be first required to buy products from a supplier at a low price and will later on sell the products to the customers at a higher price. However, a drop shipper in this case, would not purchase any products from the supplier, but when posts the product online for sale. He only purchases products from the supplier when a user has made his purchase. Though the method sounds complicated, but it is relatively very simple and effective.

DS Domination is a training course in which Roger Langille will help you understand the process of drop shipping by signing up and making accounts with Amazon and Ebay. There are 19 modules in the DS Domination which will last for 15-20 minutes.  Roger Langille will tell you what is needed to done. When you upgrade to higher levels, you will unlock new tools and accessories which you educates you on how to make higher profits and sell products to make more money.

Prices and Training of DS Domination

PRO Training – This level is for beginners. The level is priced at $19.95 per month. This level will teach you how to drop ship. You will know the basics of creating a Paypal account on Ebay or Amazon and shipping items from your suppliers. The margin of profit that you will learn to achieve in this level is $3-$20 per item.

Elite training- In this level, you will learn the advanced techniques to market your products. You will learn to rank your products using specific keywords for making higher profits. The margin of profit in this case is $20-$150 per item. For elite training method, you will be required to pay $99.5 per month.

Unleashed Training – This training you will get at $249 for the one time. Though this method is much like Elite method, with the major difference that it teaches you in an elaborated way how to reduce your Ebay’s fees using special cash back techniques. Here the margin of profit is $150-$500 per item.

Monopoly Training- The monopoly training is charged at $499 for one time. In this training method, you will learn how to sell products on Amazon using the suppliers from Unleashed and Elite.The selling procedure on Amazon is completely different from that of Ebay. Since there are less sellers on Amazon, which means you will have to face less competition and can sell multiple items in a day.

Pros Of DS Domination

  • Higher Profit Margins
  • Explained Training Videos
  • Listings of wholesalers
  • Techniques of Dop Shipping Explained
  • Bonus money earning program

Cons of DS Domination

New concept– DS Domination is new and stability of the program is still not known.  It needs to go through the ups and downs of time to understand if it works well.

High Prices– The cost of the training program is quite high. Drop Shipping needs to be performed accurately to see the desired results i.e 6 digit amount in your bank account. However, training does not give you guarantee that you will reap the results.

Ebay is tricky- Though it is proposed that you will sell your products on Ebay, which itself has its own rules. You need to abide by the rules and regulates of the Ebay , before you become a seller and post ads.

High Competition– Though the concept may sound very simple, but you will have to face much competition in the reality. With the increasing popularity of drop shipping, more and more individuals will sign up and sell their products. This will ultimately make the concept of drop shipping saturated and you will have to face tough competition.

High Ebay Fees– Ebay provides sellers a platform to sell their products for which they need to pay fees to the Ebay. The fee that is charged by the Ebay may sound high for many, while other may find the fees easy for their pocket.

Final Verdict

With any kind of business, you would be required to put in your quality time, money and resources. Same is the case with drop shipping method. Since, it is just a training program and is not worth spending time and money. There are numerous tutorials and presentations available on the Internet that you can refer to.

Though many people have reported that they were able to make sales, but not all were able to reap the same results.  You will find on the official website of the DS Domination that the team stays available to provide you instant replies and results.

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