Overall Ranking: 68/100

Price: $67 per month/ $497 for 3 years

Owners: Mark Ling

Website: www.affilorama.com

What is Affilorama?

Affilorama is an online business system that is designed by Mark Ling for the people who want to earn income through the internet. As a large number of people are interested in affiliate marketing, but only lack behind due to improper guidance; Affilorama teaches those people the way to make money through affiliate marketing. Affilorama is in the market since 2005 and from then it is helping the people to get success in affiliate marketing. It is a course in which there are videos and written material to explain you the strategies of affiliate marketing in very simple but effective way.

Affilorama provides the best training material that helps both beginners as well as professional affiliates to get success in affiliate marketing.

Who will be benefited from Affilorama?

This program is designed for those who are interested in making fast money through internet no matter they have any experience or not. Affilorama is for anyone who want to create his online business and earn revenue. There is no experience required for having your business as Affilorama will teach you everything from the scratch. Many examples of such people who can be benefited from Affilorama are housewives, students, professional affiliates, beginners, experts or any other person who wants to learn affiliate marketing.

The most important thing is that it is not a job where you will be bound to strict limits; rather you can expand your online business to the extent you want. So, if you have an interest in affiliate marketing, Affilorama is the must buy product.

What is included in this product?

You will be surprised to know that there are 120 video lessons in Affilorama which explains everything about affiliate marketing step by step. These lessons effectively teach you that how to set up a website for starting your own business and what exactly you need to do. These videos explain everything in a very detailed manner.

Moreover, in addition to the simple and effective video lessons, you are also provided with the written material. Learning side by side from both the tools will help you to have a thorough idea of the process. Also, many people learn things better through reading, so this material will definitely help them to learn affiliate marketing effectively.

The step by step instructions that are given in these videos as well as written material are very easy to follow and show you the direction that what you need to do for having success in affiliate marketing. Along with the above mentioned material there are many other tools that you can use to grab the best chances and for tracking your progress. These tools will also help you to know and improve your search engine ranking.

Furthermore, the program includes a number of videos showing the interviews of successful internet entrepreneurs which you can watch to have a better idea that how to take your business to higher levels. However, it depends on the membership you are buying that which tools you will be able to access.

Affilorama support

When building a new online business, everyone looks for a support, especially those who are new to the business. The question that whether Affilorama provides good support to the its members may be hitting your minds. You will be glad to know that the answer is “yes”. You will get full support from the Affilorama community, regardless which membership you have got i.e. it does not matter that whether you are a free member or a paid one.

However, the Affilorama support lacks behind from the aspect that you will not be able to get support from its owner, Mark Ling. He is one of the top internet entrepreneurs who can guide you with his best advice, but unfortunately, you will not get his personal support. But, the overall support is enough good. The Affilorama members can interact with each other, ask questions and can leave comments on the other member’s stuff through the message boards. On these message boards you will find every kind of affiliate marketer i.e. beginners, intermediate and experienced ones. Interaction with such people will guide you to move through the ups and downs of your business.


  • The initial cost for Affilorama is $0 i.e. you can explore it to some extent and have an idea that how does this system works.
  • Everything is explained in an effective way which makes it easy for you to learn the complete procedure and useful strategies of affiliate marketing.
  • The premium membership is really affordable to get which is available at just $1.
  • Full support is given through the message boards where all the interested members can interact regardless of the fact that which membership they have got.
  • Along with the training material, you will get a number of tools, website builder, hosting and many other things that will help you to become a successful affiliate marketer.


  • Some of the training sections like posting private label on the website and back linking are outdated.
  • No doubt that you get premium membership at an affordable rate of $1 but it is only for one month. After that, you need to pay $67 per month if you want to keep it active.
  • No support from the Mark Ling.


The cost of Affilorama depends on the type of membership you are buying. Here, we are giving an overview.

  • Free membership
  • Premium Membership- $67 per month
  • AffiloTheme- $97 per month
  • AffiloBlueprint- $197 per month
  • AffiloJetpack- $497 per month


Affilorama give its members the solid opportunity to build their own online business and earn money. There is huge training material that you will get through this course, but you must put your efforts to efficiently implement the given strategies, then only you will get success. No doubt there are some shortcomings in the product but you can use it accordingly like if you find other memberships expensive, you can buy a premium membership.