For those who have completed registering your domain and hosting, here comes the second part – Installing WordPress.
And for those who have not, please kindly visit How To Register Domain And Hosting before you proceed here.

Please check your email (they maybe inside your junk mail). You should be given a Cpanel username and password.

Your email should look like this. Click the link.

Enter your Username and Password

This is how your Cpanel look like.

What is Cpanel?

cPanel is a login portal where you can manage website and emails. This is used by website owners or web developers to upload files, manage databases, create email accounts, do forwarding and more specific configurations that are associated with website and emails. It also allows to install CMS applications, modify FTP passwords, database user passwords and email account passwords. Modifying the DNS can also be done here for domain names that are added in the account.

Before we go in depth installing WordPress, let’s create your own email account first

Scroll down and click “Email Accounts”

Enter your preferred email name, your password and create account.

Set up mail client

If you are confuse about setting up mail client, simply skip this step and go to to access your webmail instead.

We are going to install WordPress now, go back to Cpanel, click “Softaculous Apps Installer” under Software.

Click “WordPress”

Click “Install”

Delete “wp”

Change your WordPress login Username and Password

Enter your own email address (optional), and then install

If you happen to have any error, don’t worry. Simply tick the box (shown in the image above) and install again.


You have now installed WordPress.
To login into WordPress, all you need to do is to your URL, and then key in your username and password

Please proceed to How To Use WordPress