3. How To Use WordPress

Once you have successfully installed Wordpress, you will see a basic layout of your site. (To login into the Wordpress, go to your yourdomain.com/wp-admin, replace "yourdomain" with your domain) This is the overview of Wordpress once you have logged in. Don't worry if you don't know about designing your website, you got access to over 1500 free themes! Go to “Appearance”, then click [...]

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2. Installing WordPress From Cpanel

For those who have completed registering your domain and hosting, here comes the second part - Installing Wordpress. And for those who have not, please kindly visit How To Register Domain And Hosting before you proceed here. Please check your email (they maybe inside your junk mail). You should be given a Cpanel username and password. Your email should look like this. Click [...]

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1. How To Register A Domain And Hosting

Frequently asked questions and "after class" services began to flood my inbox, not because I did not deliver the training properly, but Wordpress is not just a "1 day course" kind of thing. It requires a lot of exposure and practice, and then you will realise which area u will need help when you get along the way. I hope this step by step guide [...]

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