Hi, my name is Elson. I’m an Online Business Trainer, and a Search Engine Marketer who has helped Online Marketers and Entrepreneurs to break through their sales record into a whole new level.

Spending 4 years “donating” money to online marketing seminars and courses, paying those claimed to be “Earn-Fast-Get-Rich” scheme, spending those “Automated Softwares” that claims to bring in “a lot of traffic” to your online business that doesn’t work.

I had been through the hard and bitter path of creating such success. I would say it wasn’t an easy option but, it drove me to develop my own proven strategy that is “idiot proof”, bringing your business from “Dumped traditional way” of marketing to another level. It would help you to semi-auto pilot your process of marketing, allowing you to have more freedom of time to focus and juggle more tasks effectively, while driving a higher lead generation, boosting your sales performance.

Nowadays I still seen a lot of new entrepreneurs throwing tons of money to market on their business with little or even no result growth on their sales. They approached marketing agencies that claimed themselves as “Marketing Gurus”, however only a handful of them can see potential results, the rest of them, either they are being sucked out thousands of dollars from these “gurus” agencies or their ROI (Return Of Investment) is NOT that fantastic at all.

Below are some of the examples we have coached our clients…and YES, these entrepreneurs did it their OWN after my course without help of any agencies!

Potential Increased Traffic On Their Website Within 3 Months!
Still Growing Strong!

Look at the visibility difference on their business niches through online strategies, Oh yes within 3 months!

“I have attended other online courses, what I can say is…none of them are as valuable as this course, Elson teach you from zero knowledge to a professional online marketer, he knows every aspect of what the consumers think.”

Aishah, Stay at home Malay baker who does online delivery.

“I used to pay about $800+ per month (for a contract of 6 months) to one of a marketing agency, and guess what… their service was horrible, they can tell you how good they are when they are trying to convince you, and then after signed the contract, wow..you can see “angels” transformed to “devils”, they can tell you thousands of reasons that it is “your fault” that you can’t get a lot of traffic due to website structure, your website is not user friendly bla bla bla. So I gave up and attended Elson’s course, initially I was kinda sceptical just like you. But trust me, he is a humble guy and he gave all out to guide you. Right now I can able market my website online MYSELF. Thanks to Elson”.

Jeffrey, Foldable bicycle retail shop and online seller.